Events Solutions

Thanks to its proven experience and its specialized solutions for event security management, Alomra Group supports event organizers and professionals for the implementation of a global and integrated solution for an integrated management of their events including the following items:

  • Risk analysis and implementation of a master plan for the security of your event
  • Electronic access control and management system for different integrated technologies into identification supports (card, ticket, code, etc.)
  • Supply of inspection systems such as luggage scanner, metal detection portal and thermal temperature detection cameras which allows the filtering of your visitors, exhibitors and service providers
  • Establishment of an intelligent video surveillance system with an operational command center
  • Surveillance and security officers
  • Reception services and other related support services

A safe and friendly environment is essential to the success of your event or show in high risk environment. Our solutions provide more security and a more professional welcome to your customers, event organizers and companies.

Our experience and expertise allows us to understand the challenges of managing a large number of visitors in a safe and friendly environment.


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